Between my own companies, to my clients, I have a proven track record in leading growth and marketing for SaaS and eCommerce companies across many of the core industries.

Clients & Previous Companies


I was #11 at Sumo (then SumoMe), and built out the content, email and social media marketing channels. Notable: Grew our Instagram following from 1,000 followers to 100,000+ followers in 180 days.

Retreat Guru

Build, lead and execute a full-funnel, omni-channel digital marketing strategy for Retreat Guru’s SaaS enabled marketplace, including email, content, social, paid acquisition and CRO.

Smart Blogger

Contributing author on all things content marketing and professional blogging. See my articles here.


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FLIGHTFŪD Travel Wellness

At FLIGHTFŪD, we’re bringing back the golden days of travel and enabling the change-makers of the world to do the important work they need to do, no matter the time zone. Our flagship product, Inflight Elixir, supports travel health 6 ways – restores & enhances dehydration, supports circulation, boosts immunity, supports exposure to cosmic radiation, improves bloating, and manage jet lag.


Launched in 2015, Unsettle is the foundation for everything I do online. It’s where I write about my marketing experiments, businesses, and strategies to craft an intentionally designed career.

Adventure Baby

Launched as a marketing experiment in 2017, Adventure Baby is a lifestyle design resource for new parents and parents-to-be. We cover everything you need to know about traveling with a baby, choosing the best baby gear, and parenting in a way that is true to your values.